Welcome to Reception with Mrs Church, Mrs  Manzai, Mrs Waniguthunga , Mr                                                                               House and Miss Baker                                                              


Summer 2

Our current context is 'What a Wonderful World'

As part of our immersion activity we will be thinking about the World and sharing information about where we have been .We will be looking at maps and adding information to a map showing places visited. We will be thinking about ways in which we can look after the world and planning a book swap day to remind everyone about how important it is to reuse things .

We will be investigating different climates around the world and how climates are changing. We will be sorting animals that belong in these different habitats and thinking about what is happening to them due to climate change and other dangers.

We will be considering ways in which we can make a difference and help to protect our wonderful world for the future. As part of our context we will be making things to sell for our enterprise activity using old and unwanted objects.

At the end of this half term pupils will be sharing their learning by creating and selling what they have made for enterprise week. They will be making their own short videos to explain to others how they can make small changes to make big differences to our world for the future.


Spring 2



Our value this term is 'Trust'. We will be thinking about ways in which we can show courage and stand up for others and ourselves, our local community and people in need in the wider world .


“He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust” (Ps. 91:2).


Creative Habit of Mind

Our Creative Habit of Mind this half term is Imaginative Izzy.



PE will take place on a Friday morning and pupils can come to school in their PE kit. They can remain in their kit for the day. They will also have another session on a Monday which will be Dance or Gymnastics. 

Reading Books


 Reading books will be sent home on a Monday, so please return on a Monday morning. Each child will bring a reading book home to be shared with you. They will also have a small yellow book for you to put comments in. It will help us if you could please talk to your child about the book, indicate to us if they are able to identify the letters that they will be learning each week and are able to pick out any high frequency words they might know.

Please make use of Active Learn Bug Club on a weekly basis. This is a reading scheme that we have online. Pupils can access a variety of books which will read to them before they attempt to read themselves. They can also play games to help reinforce letter  sound , name  and word recognition.


We will continue to play games to reinforce number recognition to 100 and sequencing within 10/20 .We will be looking at simple addition and subtraction within 10. We will be looking at estimating amounts and then counting carefully to check. Pupils will recap counting in multiples of ten and begin to count in multiples of two .   Measuring by direct comparison will continue and the use of non-standard units. We will be looking at the properties of simple 2D shapes and using these shapes when looking at symmetry and butterfly wings. We will be looking at data when we collect information about the minibeasts they like best and the ones they find in the local environment.

There will also be a variety of Maths activities available on Active Learn for your child to play to help with number recognition, counting, sequencing and addition .


 Welsh language will be an integral part of our everyday routine. As we talk about colours, shapes and numbers the children will be hearing Welsh vocabulary alongside English. We will be talking about foods, things they like and how they can ask questions for this.

Online Learning

There are many different games and activities that will support your child with their learning and that they will become familiar with in school.  Letter sound recognition  Building sounds in cvc words in different positions High frequency sight words  Patterns with shapes  Number activities  Counting and reading numbers  Ordering numbers    multiples of ten game   subtraction game Cvc  word spelling activity  phonics game