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Meet the Staff

 We are fortunate at St Mellons Church in Wales Primary to have a highly motivated and skilled group of colleagues. All staff are committed to ensuring that our children have the best learning experience possible during their time with us. If you have any queries or concerns, please feel free to raise them with us at anytime. Any of our staff will do their very best to help you. If the class teacher is not able to talk to you immediately they will make arrangements to meet with you as soon as they can. All of our teachers are qualified to degree standard with QTS (Qualified Teaching Status). All of our teaching assistants hold teaching assistant qualifications.  



All our staff receive regular training to ensure that they are up to date with the very latest developments and strategies in Primary Education. 


 Headteacher - Mrs Jane Marchesi

Deputy Headteacher - Mrs C Kupé (Class 4)

Deputy Headteacher - Mrs C Kupé (Class 4) 1

Office Manager - Mrs Williams

Office Manager - Mrs Williams       1

Site Manager - Mr Gates

Site Manager - Mr Gates 1

Foundation Phase Team


Mrs Church, Mrs Drane and Miss Heaven (Class 1)

Mrs Brana, Mrs Owens and Mrs Kelly (Class 2)



KS2 Team


Mrs Taylor (ALN Co and PPA), Mr Williams,

Miss Bridgeman, Miss Heaven and Mr Carey (Class 3)

Mrs Kupe, Mrs McEvoy and Mrs Weston (Class 4)



Senior Leadership Team - Mrs L Church (Class 1) and Mrs E Taylor (PPA)